Making a Difference in the World, While Enhancing the Performance of Your Teams

Supporting the needs of others is a core tenet of our work.  We partner with some of the most innovative and caring people on the planet to bring you a unique and powerful way to strengthen the effectiveness of your staff.  The end result of our events is something that extends far beyond the work we do during our philanthropic team building sessions. These events have the potential to fundamentally shift the way you and your staff connect not only to your business and the clients you serve, but to a larger extent the lives that you lead!   Whether you are building prosthetic hands for land mine victims, creating a team mosaic , or providing a deserving child with their very own new bicycle or personalized skate board, each person leaves this event not only more connected to the work they do each day, but knowing that they made a huge difference in the life of another.

Helping Hands ~ LifeCycles ~ Team Mosaic~ The Board Meeting