We have attempted to get this venue on our calendar for years! Now we are closer than ever to landing Belmond's La Residencia hotel, located in Mallorca (Majorca) Spain in the magical village of Deia!


This once private villa was owned by Sir Richard Branson and will offer our guests an amazing and intimate experience in the  village of Deia (read about it here!).  Journalist Amy Louise Baily describes Deia as a “fairy tale-like village in Spain’s Balearic Islands, which has had a magnetic effect on creative figures over the years, drawing in icons from the worlds of art, fashion, music, film and literature!”  Has there ever been a more appropriate place for a Conference Group event?   More to follow on this once-in-a-lifetime conference experience.  For a peek inside this Belmond property, take a look at La Residencia here.