Todd Demorest

Todd Demorest


Todd is one of those people who feels just as comfortable holding the controls of an airplane as he does holding the attention of 1000 people in a training room.  His professional life is built around the production of high-level performance – self, team and business.  Whether with an intact work team, C-suite or board, he is quick to connect the dots between personal competency and team success.

Over 30 years of facilitation, he has accumulated 3 million miles with just one airline and shared his wisdom with the top brass of an impressive list of clients.  Todd brings meeting themes to life in inspiring, engaging, and compelling ways that are simply priceless.

Todd has worked as a facilitator at all levels of business leadership through organizations such as Odyssey Teams, Inc.; On The Edge Productions – a pioneer and leader in experiential team cohesion; SportsMind – peak performance training that moved from amateur athletes to the board room; The Human Potential Project and associated HP2; and the well-known Pecos River Learning Center – leading extensive org culture, leadership and peak team performance.

Todd’s top tier clients include Capital One, Allianz, Kaiser Permanente, Accenture, Tesla, UCLA, University of Texas, Shell, Microsoft, 3M, Cigna and more.  He has worked with C-suite components of First Aid Brands, Dental Partners of America, Union Bank, United Health Care, Aetna, Boehringer Ingelheim, USAA, Vanguard, Wells Fargo, Abbott, and COTY.


Education:     BS in Business/Private Enterprise, California State University

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