Inside the Machine

Why did I engage Robb Gaynor from Malauzai for this session?  It’s rare that I get a chance to see inside the innovative machine that is disrupting the financial world – Robb offers that.  We want to share with you this opportunity to see what it’s like to live and lead in a business where innovation is the life giving oxygen necessary to survive another day.  This is an entrepreneurs vision of the space where we make a living.

This program will dive into our business to address issues such as:

  • How an innovative organization makes decisions, and how to build that competency
  • The resources necessary to drive continuous innovative thought around all areas of the business,  
  • How to measure and reward players in this type of culture, 
  • Why it’s not enough to simply surround yourself with innovative partners


This conference is 100% forward looking.  Clearly, not your standard credit union program.  It is our belief that there is much to be learned from the players that are effectively taking our market share.   

You can also expect an exercise or two that exposes you to the newest in innovative process design.